86 Repairs is the repair and maintenance management platform of choice for multi-unit operators across all segments - from full-service independent locations to fast casual and quick service franchises.


Don’t let high volume orders, high service requests, and high staff turnover kill your bottom line.

Quick service (QSR) and limited service (LSR) restaurants face unique challenges when it comes to managing repairs.

  • High volume orders on high margin items mean keeping equipment up and running is critical in turning profits and giving your customers the quality and consistency in products they know and expect.

  • High volumes lead to wear and tear on equipment that causes repeat breakdowns, requiring regular servicing - and if not managed properly, costing you more than it should.

  • High turnover of frontline staff and General Managers leave your restaurant without control of this critical process - not to mention hours of wasted time solving the same problem.
Ice Machine at Quick Service Restaurant

Proudly taking repairs off the menu for America’s leading brands


The top 3 service requests for our QSR customers:

  • Plumbing Infrastructure
  • HVAC
  • Gas Fryers

Want to learn more about how access to service history on 50k equipment assets can help you better manage your repair and maintenance line item?


You didn’t get into the restaurant industry to spend your time getting broken things fixed.

Independent full-service restaurant groups need to spend less time managing repairs and more time focused on the guest experience.

  • If you’re running your concepts without a full-time facilities manager, we help you replace the old way of spreadsheets, 3-ring binders, and pen and paper with a repair and maintenance platform that operates as an extension of your team.

  • If you have a full-time facilities manager on staff, we supercharge their day-to-day operations, replacing facility management software or outdated CMMS solutions with a modern approach to on-demand repair management and preventative maintenance.
Full Service Restaurant Gas Range

Supporting the country's most modern restaurant groups


“At the end of the day, in food, your equipment has to work and your team has to be functioning at full speed. To have 86 Repairs be an advocate, supporter and extension of our team, every day I can focus on what I need to do strategically. And that starts in the kitchen.”

- Alan Moy, Owner, Viet Nom Nom

Kitchen Oven Knob

We help commercial kitchens of all shapes and sizes manage their facilities.

  • Quick service restaurants
  • Limited service restaurants
  • Full service restaurants
  • Cafes and coffee shops
  • Pizzerias
  • Universities
  • Senior Living Facilities
  • Hotels
  • Grocery Stores
  • Ghost Kitchens

Don’t see your type of kitchen listed? Contact our team to tell us more about your pain around R&M.

What if managing repairs was as simple as sending a text?

Your general manager, line cooks, chefs, and waitstaff don’t have time to use software in the middle of a shift.

That’s why our service is as easy to use as sending a text. 

Resolve repairs over text message