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86 Repairs manages the end-to-end equipment maintenance and repair process for McDonald's

Our team will help you implement a repair and maintenance strategy to ensure consistency and standardization across your stores.

What we do:

  • Build a Digital Equipment Inventory with up-to-date warranty information, for your team and ours
  • Manage on-demand service requests 24/7/365
  • Help you lower your R&M spend through troubleshooting and dispatch avoidance
  • Give your general managers back their time for day-to-day responsibilities
  • Manage your preventative maintenance plans
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We understand the unique maintenance challenges you face.

Here's a snapshot of repairs we've helped other McDonald's operators manage:

Top 3 Categories Serviced:
  • Hot Side Equipment - 25% of incidents
  • Cold Side Equipment - 24% of incidents
  • Beverage Dispensing - 21% of incidents

Top 3 Equipment Breakdowns:

  • Soft Drink Beverage Dispenser - 8% of requests
  • Plumbing Infrastructure - 7% of requests
  • Grills and Griddles - 6% of requests

We understand the equipment footprint of your restaurants and know which pieces of equipment are likely to experience issues - like the ice cream machine.

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Supporting McDonald's Operators Across the U.S.

We've helped our network of McDonald's operators with
4,618 service requests and counting.

With each new location, we are better able to serve all McDonald's operators using our platform. You will benefit from the collective intelligence and data our team collects across all McDonald's restaurants by understanding industry benchmarks. Ultimately, this saves you money, influences better repair vs. replace decisions, helps you manage repair spend by equipment category, and much more.

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"I get thousands of sales pitches by email every year, but like 98% of them are garbage and I throw them away. Yours stuck out and if this goes as sold you've all built something tailor-made for operators like me."

- McDonald's Operator and 86 Repairs Customer

We'll save you a service visit 18.7% of the time.

Say goodbye to expensive and avoidable service requests.

Our Customer Success Managers have been there. As former restaurant industry professionals and well-versed in kitchen equipment, they're ready to troubleshoot on-call. We'll help you avoid dispatch on almost 1 in 5 service incidents, saving you time and money on equipment repairs.

Imagine getting savings notifications like these instead of hearing from your staff that there's another problem, or worse, having to manage it yourself.


86 Repairs Saved Store #194 $190

Equipment: Espresso Machine
Savings Description: 
Customer was able to clear the system and get equipment working, avoiding dispatch.


86 Repairs Saved Store #110 $226

Equipment: Ice Maker
Savings Description:
Walked customer through ice bridge thickness adjustment. Avoided 2-hour labor + trip charge.


86 Repairs Saved Store #161 $95 

Equipment: Soft Drink Dispenser
Savings Description:
Determined it was a Coca-Cola issue, avoided all service provider charges by dispatching Coca-Cola.