Restaurant Reopening Checklist

Are your restaurants ready?

Get your operations running safely and efficiently with our free, 12-page guide. 

We've partnered with trusted service providers and vendors in the industry to put together a comprehensive restaurant reopening guide to ensure that your equipment and infrastructure are ready to resume service. 

Be sure to consult your own policies and procedures, as well as guidance from state and local health departments.

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What's Inside:

  • Equipment Checklist
    By equipment category and infrastructure, including site inspection, best practices for all equipment, plumbing, HVAC, cold side, hot side, electrical, warewashing, and fire suppression

  • General Sanitation
    Recommendations for sanitation best practices for physical spaces, equipment, and employee conduct

  • Other Considerations
    Including vendor safety, hibernating draft systems, and navigating temporary or permanent store closures

  • On-Premise Dining Considerations
    Recommendations on ways to update FOH based on local, state, and government guidelines

  • Technology
    Tools you can use to improve and maximize your BOH and FOH operations when teams and budgets are running lean

  • Useful Links
    To best stay informed on state-by-state reopening guidelines and recommendations from the CDC and WHO

Check back often as we update this guide with new guidance, tips, and other resources. 


Sample Restaurant Reopening Tips

  • Site Inspection
    - Inspect the restaurant for water damage on walls or ceiling

    - Inspect the floors, walls, and ceilings for any signs of mold or mildew
    - Inspect the ceiling for leaks

  • Plumbing
    - Turn on water
    - Confirm that water supply is working
    - Confirm you have hot water
  • All Equipment
    - Turn on all free standing kitchen appliances and smallwares
    - Check switches, controls, timers, indicator lights for proper operation
    - Calibrate temperatures

  • Cold Side
    - Dispose of any product remaining in walk-in cooler unit
    - Clean condenser in refrigeration unit
  • Sanitation
    - Sanitize all food contact surfaces and holding areas
    - Create a new SOP for sanitation best practices for BOH, equipment, FOH, and employees based on government guidelines
    - Require and provide PPE as available to employees
    - Secure third-party cleaning companies to assist with increased cleaning and sanitation demands as needed