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Equipment Repair and Facilities Management for Grocery and Supermarkets


Grocery chains and supermarkets need reliable facilities management solutions to keep their stores up and running.

System failures and critical equipment breakdowns can be detrimental to your business, not to mention the health and safety of your employees and customers. Grocery facilities must be in pristine condition to maintain hard-earned customer loyalty and greater food dollar market share. Software alone will not solve the complex problems you and your facilities face every day - let 86 Repairs manage facility and equipment repairs for you.

With a subscription from 86 Repairs, your facilities team can ensure your stores are running properly and making the most of your R&M budget. Your team can easily report service incidents and track progress to completion, while we manage the entire execution on your behalf.

Challenges of Managing Facilities and Equipment Repairs for Grocery

Complex Heating and Cooling 

Supermarket and grocery chains have a large specialized equipment footprint, including complex heating and cooling environments. Finding reliable and specialized service providers to manage these complex assets is an ongoing issue for grocery operators.

Specialty Equipment and Departments

As the landscape of modern grocery chains continues to evolve, so to do equipment needs. From specialty bakery/deli equipment, to expanded food court offerings, to back of house meal preparation equipment, standard facilities management won’t cut it. 

Tracking Assets Across Locations

Reliably tracking assets, including past service history and warranty information,  across locations is uniquely painful for store owners due to the variety and volume of equipment needed to successfully operate a grocery facility.


Grocery store reach-in cooler aisle

86 Repairs vs. CMMS Tools

While best-in-class CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software) tools boast the ability to manage and analyze all R&M-related activities from a single dashboard, they fail to disclose the enormous responsibility that falls on the shoulders of operators and staff members that actually have to use the software.

The first thing that CMMS applications get wrong is they only focus on one part of the repairs and maintenance equation: the software. But for software to be effective, you need data. Lots of it. Consistently. 

When you purchase a subscription with a CMMS you and your team are still shouldered with an enormous amount of responsibility, including the set-up of:

  • Service provider relationships
  • Location information
  • Service category details
  • Do not exceed levels
  • Invoice retrieval and transcription

Not to mention, you’re still on the hook for managing the entire incident management process on a daily basis.

With 86 Repairs, you have access to the software tools and reporting available in a CMMS, in addition to a 24/7 customer service team who manage the entire repairs and maintenance process for you. 

Advantages of 86 Repairs for Grocery

National Network of Specialized Service Providers

Our team of community managers is highly skilled at sourcing expert providers in urban and remote markets to address the most complex machines and equipment repairs within grocery and supermarket facilities. 

Repairs and Maintenance Expense Reporting and Forecasting

With 86 Repairs, grocery chains can access actionable insights to identify incident spend trends, track cost forecasting by incident type, and forecast expenses for month, quarter, and year end periods using easy-to-read dashboards.

Comprehensive Digital Equipment Inventories

Keep track of your assets across all locations with our digital equipment inventory, including warranty information, past service log, standard operating procedures, invoice history, and more. Managing equipment has never been easier or more reliable.

Proprietary Software for Actionable Insights

86 Repairs unique offering blends service and software to provide operators with the meaningful data they need, including analytics, benchmarking, and forecasting. Our service and software helps our customers improve visibility and control their repairs and maintenance spend across locations, without doing any of the legwork.

What's Covered with 86 Repairs

At 86 Repairs, we manage all equipment repairs for grocery stores and supermarkets across six primary categories of service: hot side, cold side, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and fire suppression systems. We partner with highly trained and experienced technicians across the United States, with specialities including Deli, Bakery, Hot-Bar, Refrigeration, HVAC, Display, and Prepared Food.

If you don’t see your specific category of equipment, please contact us to discuss your repair.

  • HVAC equipment and service repair
    Makeup air units, air conditioning units, dehumidifiers, and zone ventilation

  • Refrigeration equipment and service repair
    Ice machines, walk-in coolers, cooled display cases, merchandising coolers and freezers, reach-in coolers, open-air merchandisers, and refrigerators

  • Deli equipment service and repair
    Including hot cases, stoves, fryers, rotisserie ovens, and slicers

  • Bakery equipment service and repair
    Including bread slicers, ovens, proofers, and warmers

  • Produce equipment service and repair
    Including water filters, hand wrappers, mister repairs and installs

  • Hot-Bar and Prepared Food equipment service and repair
    Including hot food displays, vent hoods, ovens, stoves, grills, deep fryers, steam wells, prep tables, heat lamps, salad bars, sushi coolers, and more

Specialty equipment needs? We can manage it. Let’s review and develop an award winning service strategy together.

Contact our team to learn more about our facilities management for grocery offering.

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