The Repair and Maintenance ROI Calculator

How Much Are You Losing on R&M?

How much money and time could your restaurant group save on the entire equipment repairs process, including work order management, preventative maintenance, and facilities management? Use the interactive price calculator to see how much you could save with 86 Repairs.

Calculate Your Savings

How We Calculate Your Savings with The Restaurant ROI Calculator

Your total estimated monthly repairs and maintenance savings is calculated based on your inputs and real data from our current customers. 

How do we calculate this number? We run the number of locations against restaurant type to provide you with an estimated monthly savings.

Number of Locations

We keep track of how many incidents each restaurant location has on a monthly basis. Knowing how many locations you operate allows us to estimate the number of incidents you'd experience, and how much we could save you per incident.

Restaurant Type

Not all restaurants are created equal. Knowing what type of restaurants you operate allows us to benchmark your repairs and maintenance issues against similar operators.

Do you know your average restaurant repair and maintenance costs? Let's see how much you could save with 86 Repairs.

Calculate Your Savings
Kitchen Equipment Washers

"In one year, 86 Repairs decreased our R&M spend from 1.25% to 1.01% of our budget," which resulted in over $3,300 of annual savings per location.

Peas & Carrots Hospitality

Josh Humphrey
Chief Operating Officer, Peas & Carrots Hospitality

Understanding the Four Ways We Calculate Restaurant Repairs and Maintenance Monthly Savings

Hard Invoice Savings

Hard invoice savings largely come in the form of troubleshooting, warranty checks, and helping you resolve the incident on your own before contacting a service provider or vendor.

Time Savings (Hours)

We live and breathe R&M. As a result, we're able to help you assess and manage a repair faster than the average employee. We're able to solve repair issues 1.5x faster than a member of your team.

Time Savings (Dollars)

We run the hours of time saved on an incident against the hourly rate of $35 (projected average cost for a full-time manager) to calculate your monthly time savings in dollars.

Total Cost and Time Savings

Hard invoice savings + time savings = total savings. Our customers see an average annual savings of $2,000 - $3,500. per location.

Why Calculate Your Facilities Management ROI?

As a restaurant owner or operator, you're familiar with the time-consuming and expensive process of getting things repaired in a commercial kitchen.

R&M is the largest controllable expense within a restaurant. So what are you doing to strategically manage this aspect of your operations?

Instead of spending time on work order tracking, facility maintenance services, and preventative maintenance, you and your team should focus your energy on serving your customers.

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