Peas & Carrots Hospitality believes in relentless hospitality. The Michigan-based restaurant group operates on the core values of integrity, food quality, life balance, improvement, and passion.

Their brilliant team is behind beloved concepts across the Midwest, including Beau's and Mex (Bloomfield Hills, MI), Bernie's (Chicago, IL), Social Kitchen (Birmingham and Grand Rapids, MI), and Como's Restaurant (Ferndale, MI). Additionally, Peas & Carrots Hospitality are operators of the Gus's Fried Chicken franchise in Chicago.


“Choosing to outsource our facilities maintenance needs to 86 Repairs allowed me to focus on the big picture of the business, and trust the details to a team who specializes in repairs and maintenance.”


As COO of Peas & Carrots Hospitality, there aren’t many responsibilities that don’t cross Josh Humphrey’s plate, including repairs and maintenance.

Josh has a natural affinity for the R&M process, having worked as a Chef in the past, he was comfortable and familiar with commercial kitchen equipment. For a long time, it never seemed like a big deal that managing repairs and maintenance was in his job description at Peas & Carrots.


“Everyone knew I was the go-to contact for repairs,” Josh said. “When something in the kitchen went down, you didn’t call a vendor. You’d call me and I’d help troubleshoot the problem with you.”

Then the company started to grow.

Soon enough, Josh found himself project managing (and, oftentimes, executing) the repair and maintenance of equipment at 11 locations, with the prospect of more on the horizon. The extra responsibility was eating up too much of his time, which was needed more in his strategic role as COO. Not to mention, this DIY approach to managing repairs and maintenance was burning money for the restaurant group. 

When Peas & Carrots found 86 Repairs and realized we could manage the end-to-end repairs and maintenance process for them, they knew this would allow Josh to step back from daily R&M responsibilities and give them the opportunity to manage the process more strategically across locations. 

Outsourcing the repairs and maintenance process gave Josh back almost 30% of his time, time that was previously allocated toward organizing information on equipment, warranties, and contacts, fixing things he could fix himself, and getting multiple quotes for projects.


That time translates directly into money saved for Peas & Carrots. In addition to giving Josh space to focus on the big picture of the business, 86 Repairs took the pressure of vendor sourcing and negotiating off his plate - and was able to secure better rates on their behalf.

With 86 Repairs, Josh has access to actionable data and analytics surrounding their R&M process, information that allows him to make strategic decisions about purchasing new equipment, schedule preventive maintenance, and create benchmarks for pricing out future repairs.

“The investment into 86 Repairs is money well spent. There’s no doubt I would be spending more on R&M without them,” Josh said. “We have 11 stores, and I’m just one guy who’s doing a million other things.”

"In one year, 86 Repairs decreased our R&M spend from 1.25% to 1.01% of our budget, which resulted in over $3,300 of annual savings per location."



You run your restaurant, we run repairs.