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Preventative Maintenance by 86 Repairs

How Preventative Maintenance Works With 86 Repairs

We've built a preventative maintenance program that helps you prevent equipment breakdowns and reduce maintenance costs. Take control of your preventative maintenance with 86 Repairs. 

Wall-to-Wall Equipment Inventories

We keep comprehensive digital equipment inventories for our customers on all pieces over $250. We can lead an informed discussion on which service categories would benefit the most from preventative maintenance plans, and which ones you don’t need.

Source 3 Quotes Per Category

We source up to 3 quotes per service category and assemble the quotes in an easy-to-read format for you to make your final decision. We source quotes by individual category, instead of bundling, so you aren’t sold large-scale contracts you don’t need.

Schedule, Reschedule, Coordinate

We manage all communication with service providers and location staff to make sure preventative maintenance is scheduled, appointments are met, and any reschedules don’t fall through the cracks.

Documentation and Verified Proof

We provide comprehensive proof of work of work reports with verbal and written statements and photographic documentation of key PM activities, in addition to a blind verification process.
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Preventative Maintenance in Action

Do you want a digital paper trail at your fingertips?

With preventative maintenance from 86 Repairs, you can get a crystal clear picture of what’s been accomplished under your active PM plans.

Take a look at our Customer Portal to get a customer’s perspective of a  scheduled preventative maintenance event.

  • Access a check list of “chores” performed by the service provider
  • View before-and-after photographs of the work
  • Get full visibility into the status of all preventative maintenance work

Overtime, we help you tell a powerful story about your equipment. We can show you exactly what happened and what work was completed when. There are no more notes or internal knowledge to be lost.

We keep track of everything so you have enduring documentation.

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"Preventative Maintenance saves up to 18% YoY compared to costly reactive maintenance."

Source: U.S. Department of Energy

"As an independent operator with 5 locations of my own I'm pulled in every direction and always looking for tools to streamline our processes without additional overheard.
When I heard about 86 Repairs, I immediately saw the value. Their job is to handle one-off issues as they happen, create preventative maintenance (PM) services to limit future downtimes, and ensure all vendors are managed correctly. 
Because they speak the language of the trades, they can work with technicians to accomplish more, stay on time, and limit the scope of work to what is essential. 86 Repairs is a great partner and I highly recommend them to any organization."
The Halal Guys

Alex Anderman
Director of Operations
The Halal Guys San Francisco, East Bay, Las Vegas

Preventative Maintenance Categories Covered

Our preventative maintenance programs cover the main equipment categories listed below. A preventative maintenance program can help you decrease equipment downtime, extend the lifespan of your equipment, and increase planned maintenance - saving your restaurant thousands on reactive, in-time equipment repairs and maintenance.

Refrigeration (Cold Side Equipment)
Ice Machines
Hood Cleaning
Cooking Equipment (Hot Side Equipment)
Grease Traps
Appliances (vacuum sealer, slicers, etc.)
Fire Suppression
Beverage Dispensing 
Coffee Equipment
Pest Control
Commercial Cleaning
Facility Exterior

What does proof of preventative maintenance look like?

With Preventative Maintenance by 86 Repairs, we provide documentation and verified proof - every single time.

If you’ve had mixed experiences with visual inspections as the be-all end-all of documentation in the past, our four-step comprehensive documentation process is what sets our PM plans apart.

  • Verbal Statements
  • Written Statements
  • Photographic Proof
  • Blind Verification Process

Ready to take control of facilities with preventative maintenance?

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Facilities Management Powered by Your Data

We can tell you exactly what preventative maintenance plans you need (and which ones you don't.)

With incident management and preventative maintenance by 86 Repairs, we can tell you which programs are worth it and what you need to invest in to properly service your kitchens. 

We help you secure targeted contracts using your data to know exactly where you need preventative maintenance and where you don't. We can help you get the right contracts in place to keep your costs down.


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