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Preventative Maintenance Software for Restaurants

These days, it’s not enough that your restaurant equipment repair strategy includes on-demand repair management for the unfortunate moment a piece of critical equipment goes down. Instead, it’s imperative to build in a plan for preventative maintenance, otherwise known as preventive maintenance or planned maintenance. 

A preventative maintenance strategy focuses on critical equipment checks at a set cadence to catch problems before they start.

Whether you have a full-time facilities employee on your team, or you work with a 3rd party technology to manage your R&M strategy, restaurant preventative maintenance software can help you formulate a PM plan that works.

Investing in restaurant PM software helps you seamlessly track when each piece of equipment needs to be checked up on, create preventative maintenance schedules, and deal with any paperwork, like contracts and work orders, in one centralized place.

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What is Preventative Maintenance Software?

Preventative maintenance software helps facilities managers, in-house technicians, and individuals responsible for managing equipment repair and maintenance streamline the maintenance process. These tools prevent downtime, minimize the likelihood of costly on-demand repairs, and extend the asset's lifespan. These software tools are also called Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), or Field Service Management (FSM).

How to Choose Restaurant Preventative Maintenance Software

When considering making an investment in PM software for your restaurants, here are nine questions you need to ask potential vendors:

  • Who manages preventative maintenance contracts?
  • How are preventative maintenance quotes sourced and evaluated?
  • How many quotes do you source per category?
  • How do you document completed work and proof of maintenance?
  • Who is responsible for scheduling visits?
  • How are rescheduled maintenance visits handled? 
  • How do you track preventative maintenance tasks against historical equipment data?
  • How do you make predictions and recommendations on repair vs. replace?
  • How do you determine which service categories need preventative maintenance?

How Restaurants Are Winning with Preventative Maintenance

- Fewer Equipment Breakdowns

While scheduled maintenance can’t guarantee you’ll never have to repair something on demand, it does drastically reduce the number of urgent repairs you’ll experience. Preventive maintenance keeps a regular pulse on the state of your kitchen equipment, lowering the risk of restaurant closures due to unexpected and urgent service incidents.

- Less Disruption of the Customer Experience

Preventative maintenance helps you keep your kitchens up and running. When your equipment is running as it should, your staff is able to deliver menu items as they are. There's nothing more disruptive to a guest's dining experience than ordering something only to be told they can't have it because the equipment is out-of-order.

- Minimize Lost Revenue and Downtime

Not only does equipment repair cost you but so does lost revenue from equipment downtime. Preventative maintenance can help you mitigate downtime and keep pieces of equipment functioning. Don't miss out on high-margin item sales because your equipment is out of order. 

Thinking About PM Software For Your Restaurants?

86 Repairs is a repair management platform for independent operators, large-scale franchisees, and corporate-owned stores. With dedicated preventative maintenance experts on the team, 86 Repairs will schedule all monthly, quarterly, and yearly maintenance checks, handle all the paperwork and keep it on file in a digitized system, and do an extensive inventory of every piece of your equipment that costs over $250. We simplify the PM process by sourcing three quotes per equipment category, saving you costs and time along the way.

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