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Reserve Wine & Food Grand Rapids Award Winning Restaurant

Reserve Wine & Food

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Reserve is a first-rate dining experience in Grand Rapids, boasting a world class wine lineup and seasonally inspired menu items. Reserve relies on a broad and unique array of kitchen equipment (93 individual pieces) to support their food and beverage program.

Reserve Wine & Food
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“It’s great to feel in control of the situation without having to do the legwork.”

– Luke VerHulst, Executive Chef, Reserve Wine and Food

Hard Time and Cost Savings:

  • Saved $334 in labor and parts by performing necessary warranty checks and confirming labor and parts would be covered by manufacturer
  • Saved a full day of downtime, and 2-3 days of delayed service by mitigating service delays and working with manufacturer to approve necessary warranty work handled by our service provider network

The Cooler Warranty Check Incident

Repair Summary:

A few days ahead of peak weekend service, a critical under-counter refrigeration unit stopped holding temperature. The Executive Chef and his team quickly moved all perishables to other units, and called 86 Repairs to immediately resolve the problem.

We performed necessary warranty checks and worked directly with the manufacturer to honor the current warranty and cover all related labor and parts costs. The manufacturer didn’t have any in-network service providers available to resolve the issue on the tight timeline, so we negotiated with the manufacturer to approve work handled by our network of service providers.

Time and Cost Savings for Reserve

Working with 86 Repairs saved Reserve days of downtime and delayed service, and made the difference between resolving a critical refrigeration issue in a day rather than a week.

Saved in labor and parts
Day of Downtime saved
Days in Delayed Service Saved