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10 years ago, Rowster Coffee began as a one-man coffee roasting operation in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Today, the company is Grand Rapids’ favorite local coffee roaster and retailer with multiple retail locations, a subscription service, and wholesale customers who brew Roaster Coffee in their restaurants, cafes, and corporate offices.

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-Steven Curtis, Co-Owner, Rowster Coffee

Hard Time and Cost Savings:

  • Saved $1,200 on maintenance to their Modbar Espresso Equipment through troubleshooting recommendations and avoiding a service call and part replacements. 
  • Saved $20,000+ in equipment that would have remained unusable is not for the work and analysis of the water issues.

The Water Pressure Incident

Repair Summary:

Within 24 hours of sign-up, 86 Repairs identified 10+ water-related service incidents on brand new equipment. We worked with facility managers, owners, and general contractors to identify the patterns as it related to water pressure in the building. 

What we found? The Township’s water pressure was twice the rate of what it should have been. Thanks to an immediate installation of a main line pressure regulator, the issue was resolved, preventing further damage to Rowster’s equipment.

Time and Cost Savings for Rowster Coffee

With 86 Repairs, Rowster Coffee was able to avoid an unnecessary service call and save on hard invoices through troubleshooting facilitated by our customer success team.  

In invoice costs saved through troubleshooting
saved in unusable equipment