How much could you save on repairs?

Use our free repair and maintenance savings calculator to see how much you could save on a monthly basis with 86 Repairs.

Repair and Maintenance Savings Calculator


What we need from you and why

Number of Locations

The number of locations you operate helps us estimate the number of incidents you're likely to experience each month based on historical data from our customer set.

Restaurant Type

Not all restaurants experience the same R&M issues. Knowing what type of restaurants you operate helps us benchmark your issues against similar operators.


Our customers see an average savings of $2,000 - $3,000 per location per year on R&M.

Are you ready to take repairs off your plate and save time and money on this part of your operations?


Take a closer look at how we calculate savings for our customers.

How do you calculate hard invoice savings?

Hard invoice savings come in the form of successful troubleshooting, warranty checks, and negotiating with vendors to make sure you pay a fair price on repairs and maintenance.

How do you calculate time savings?

How we calculate hours saved:

Because of our experience managing repairs, we're able to solve issues 1.5x faster than a member of your team. 

How we calculate hours saved in dollars:

We run the number of saved hours against the hourly rate of $35, the average cost for a full-time general manager.

How do you calculate total savings?

Hard invoice savings + time savings = total savings.