There's a better way to manage R&M.

Restaurant operators like you across the country partner with us to save time, manage expenses, and focus on growth. 

Why? We're the only R&M solution built to support your needs, like flexible workflows and real-time insights. Plus, we'll never charge you extra fees or markups on requests.

Here's how it works.

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"With [86 Repairs], we've been able to take [the R&M] thought process off our plate and get back to concentrating on sales and the guest experience."

—Meeka Baxter
Director of Finance, Castellucci Hospitality Group

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Simple for everyone.

Save time with a consistent R&M process built for operators.  Our app puts you in control, ensuring that repairs are managed the same way every time.

With our solution, you'll get visibility into R&M across all locations. Real-time insights empower your team to make good decisions in the moment.

"86 Repairs makes repairs easier for me. Now, I don't worry about them because there's 800 other things to worry about."

—Christina Curran
Owner, Curran McDonald's


Protect your P&L.


No extra fees or markups—ever. Continue working with service providers you trust, and use data-driven recommendations to fill any gaps.


Spend less on R&M. Get real-time recommendations on warranties, troubleshooting, and repair vs. replace decisions to help control costs.

2023 savings

“Truly, for the cost, [86 Repairs] is worth every penny. Time is money, and I’m able to utilize my time much more wisely now.”

—Ashton Dunbar
Director of Development, Paxton Keiser Enterprises dba Taco John's


Managed Services by 86 Repairs

When specific locations or departments are struggling, we can give you the support to get things done.

Repair Management

When something breaks, just submit a request through our app. Our team is available 24/7/365 to get it fixed.

Invoice Assurance

Protect the P&L. Stop getting overbilled for vendor visits and start finding lost invoices so you can stay in good standing. 

Preventative Maintenance

Have us build custom PM programs to prevent downtime and reduce repair costs across locations.

IT Support

Get 24/7 access to restaurant technology support, including hardware, software, and internet troubleshooting.

"With 86 Repairs, we know we're being as effective and efficient as possible in how we spend our R&M dollars."

—Jeff Gelwix
President, Pacific Drive-Ins dba SONIC

Stop the R&M struggle.

Your software should support the way you work. 86 Repairs can be customized around what you and your team need at any given time.

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