Take control of R&M and improve margins

86 Repairs simplifies restaurant operators' lives and proactively reduces costs by automating time-consuming restaurant equipment repair and maintenance tasks, providing AI-driven insights, and improving vendor relationships. 

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Use automated workflows to keep costs down and gain insights from AI analytics on vendor performance.

PREVENT DOWNTIME Ensure your equipment is always ready with fast repairs, predictive alerts, and regular maintenance.
FIND THE BEST VENDORS Access a network of top-rated service providers with detailed performance data to help you make informed choices.

Boost staff retention and efficiency by automating R&M tasks, allowing your team to focus more on guests.

Service when you need it. Software when you don't.

Self-Service R&M Management Platform

Empower your team to make the right decisions in real time, increase margins, and stay focused on your guests. With a user-friendly interface, automated workflows, and industry-leading equipment and vendor analytics, operators are equipped to manage R&M proactively.

Full-Service R&M Management

Outsource the end-to-end management of repairs and maintenance to our team. Our 24/7 support streamlines complex tasks, speeds up processes and boosts profitability. This efficient approach improves operations across locations, letting your team focus on delivering excellent guest experiences.

2023 savings

"86 Repairs is worth every penny."

—Ashton Dunbar
Director of Development, Paxton Keiser dba Taco John's

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Take control of repairs without all of the legwork

Give your team an easy button to avoid unnecessary trips and expenses and get equipment fixed faster and easier with:

  • 24/7/365 Support for Frontline Staff
  • Custom Troubleshooting Workflows
  • Automatic Warranty Checks
  • Streamlined Vendor Management
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Access the best service providers in the industry and avoid unnecessary dispatches. 

Unlike vendor marketplaces and legacy CMMS tools, 86 Repairs works for the restaurant operator. You get unlimited vendor choice, complete transparency, and the most robust vendor insights. 86 Repairs eliminates unnecessary vendor dispatches and repeat visits through automation and proven workflows.


Prevent lost revenue by keeping key equipment running

Routine preventative maintenance tasks are contracted and completed on schedule every time. This proactive approach ensures you get the full value from your PM service contracts, maintain warranty validity, and comply with health, fire, and corporate standards for maintenance.


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Know when equipment will go down before it happens

With dynamic asset inventories and automated equipment record keeping, 86 Repairs powers the industry's most robust predictive asset management platform. No data entry is required as 86 Repairs provides a comprehensive on-site asset inventory for all locations, ensuring accuracy from the start.


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Increase margins through proactive R&M controls and predictive spend management

Gain the visibility to cut R&M costs. Use predictive analytics and unbiased market data to get insights into your equipment, teams, and service providers, enabling smarter decisions and lower expenses.

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"86 Repairs is the simplest way I've ever seen for restaurants to get things fixed."

—JP Dalton
Director of Operational Services, Savory Fund

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Let's take repairs off the menu. 

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