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Customer Stories

Read real stories from our customers who are saving time and money on repairs and maintenance.


4 Rivers Smokehouse

"We have peace of mind with 86 Repairs. Their responsiveness is very consistent, and we know that once the wheels are in motion we don’t have to worry.”

- Jeff Palermo,
Operating Partner, 4 Rivers Smokehouse

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Kensington Hill Capital

Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Ohio

“I’m not as focused on R&M because I have confidence in 86 Repairs. It allows me or whoever would be in that role to focus on other things. If you were somebody that was growing fast and working on acquisitions, it’s absolutely a competitive advantage.”

- Brandon Stewart, President and COO, Kensington Hill Capital dba Jimmy John's

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Pacific Drive-Ins 

“With 86 Repairs, we know we’re being as effective and efficient as possible in how we spend our R&M dollars.”

- Jeff Gelwix
President, Pacific Drive-Ins

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Castellucci Hospitality Group

Atlanta, GA
In this interview, we chat with Meeka Baxter, Director of Finance, to hear how 86 Repairs helps her cut costs and recoup spend on R&M.

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Peas & Carrots Hospitality

Illinois, Michigan
"The investment into 86 Repairs is money well spent. There’s no doubt I would be spending more on R&M without them."

- Josh Humphrey
COO, Peas & Carrots Hospitality

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Gus’s Fried Chicken

Chicago, IL
"86 Repairs has saved me a lot of time, and I would recommend them to anyone having similar kinds of issues.'

– Kelli Kosikas
General Manager, Gus’s Fried Chicken

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Viet Nom Nom

Evanston, IL
"Wherever we go as a company, I have the folks at 86 Repairs to block and tackle some of the most critical components of my business."

- Alan Moy
Owner, Viet Nom Nom

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Iberian Pig

Atlanta, GA
"Our team loves 86 Repairs so much, there would be a revolt if I ever tried to cancel."

– Fred Castellucci
Owner, Castellucci Hospitality Group

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Rowster Coffee

Grand Rapids, MI

- Steven Curtis
Owner, Rowster Coffee

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Take repairs off your plate.

86 Repairs manages the entire repair process from start to finish for restaurant groups.

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