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What’s the State of Repairs?

Repairs and maintenance (R&M) is the third-largest controllable expense for restaurants, but meaningful data on R&M doesn’t exist. That’s where we come in.

The State of Repairs is an annual report based on proprietary data from the 86 Repairs platform.

The report includes:

  • Most common equipment symptoms 
  • Top tips for troubleshooting equipment
  • Vendor rates and average repair times
  • Manufacturer cost comparisons

This information isn’t available anywhere else. Download your copy now for the details you need to make more informed R&M decisions for your business.

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What's Inside

You have R&M questions. The State of Repairs has answers:


Discover the first steps to take when a piece of equipment starts showing signs of disrepair.


Determine the true cost of a repair by looking at more than just average hourly rates.


Compare the frequency and cost of repairs by equipment manufacturer.

How to Use the Report

Use the data and actionable insights to ask the right questions and make better decisions for your restaurant’s R&M strategy:


When a major piece of equipment is in need of repair, how long should you plan for downtime —and how can you lower its impact?


Should you choose a vendor with a higher hourly rate and faster resolution time or a vendor with a low hourly rate that takes 2x longer to complete work?


Why is a specific equipment manufacturer the most popular choice in a kitchen when it needs more frequent repairs than the competition?


The less attention paid to repairs, the more expensive they become.

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover data, uncover insights, and take control of your restaurant operations.