Obsessed with simplifying R&M for restaurants

86 Repairs is committed to helping restaurants with a better way of managing repairs and maintenance.

We take the pain of R&M off the menu so operators can focus on their businesses and serving guests.

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"86 Repairs is an important driver in our business. Their service eliminates interruptions in the repair process, and their software promotes accountability amongst our team members."

—Meeka Baxter
Director of Finance, Castellucci Hospitality Group

86 - Door

What's in a name?

eighty-six (verb) – informal
I. to refuse service to (a customer)
II. to throw out, get rid of, or take off the menu
eighty-sixed or 86'd, eighty-sixing or 86-ing

The origin of the term ‘86’ has a rich history in American pop culture. The term was adopted by the restaurant industry among workers in the 1930s, where 86 meant, “we’re all out of it”.

Our favorite bit of folklore? The 86 Bedford Street theory.

Rumor has it that during prohibition the police would call the bartender at Chumley’s (located at 86 Bedford Street in the West Village) and tell them to “86” their customers, ushering patrons out the 86 Bedford Street Door while the police would enter on Pamela Court.

Take repairs off the menu. 86 Repairs.

86 Repairs Team

This is (some of) us

86’ers live in 10+ states and 3 countries, across 6 timezones to make sure you’re supported 24/7/365.

We walk the walk and talk the talk. Most of our team has worked in the restaurant industry in a past life.

From barback to barista, chef to cheesemonger, we’ve personally faced the problems of equipment repairs and maintenance and know the challenges you face on a daily basis.