We help Dunkin' franchisees manage urgent repairs.

You can’t serve your customers without a working espresso machine or TurboChef oven. But your staff doesn’t have the time to find vendors to repair the equipment—and you don’t have the time to field all of their requests for service. 

86 Repairs is here to handle it all.

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Meet George, Owner of Aesir Group.

George operates over 20 Dunkin’ locations on military bases across the U.S. His 8 years of ownership gave him a crash course in QSRs: “I don't think there's a food service thing you could ask me that I wouldn't know about.”

But even with his expertise, George struggled to manage repairs and maintenance (R&M) across his Dunkin’ locations. He was getting nonstop calls from GMs requesting approval for repairs, interrupting his focus on big-picture tasks. 

He was also frustrated with repair vs. replace choices, concerned that important equipment was wearing out before its expected expiration date.

"So far, [86 Repairs] is the best system we've had [for R&M]."

George Hart, Owner, Aesir Group dba Dunkin'

Now, 86 Repairs takes repairs off George’s plate—and the plates of his employees. With a streamlined process for diagnosing equipment issues, live troubleshooting, and vendor approvals, George gets valuable time back in his day, and store-level staff is empowered to handle repairs.

Plus, George gets historical data for every piece of equipment in each of his stores, giving him the insights he needs to make informed decisions.

Troubleshooting tips for Dunkin' staff

Not everyone has made their way to maintenance school. Check out our top troubleshooting tips for critical equipment in Dunkin' stores.

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Schaerer espresso machine

Avoid a latte of trouble.

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TurboChef oven

Don't get burned with a broken oven.

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Discover smooth repair moves.

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We're an extension of Dunkin' R&M teams.

Need more help managing R&M but can’t justify full-time headcount? As George says, "When you're at five locations, you can't have someone to depend on for R&M."

Partner with 86 to manage your R&M needs as your franchise grows. Our Customer Service team is available 24/7/365. All your staff has to do is text, call, or use the mobile app for support.

Have confidence that your R&M is in good hands—over 75% of 86 Repairs employees have restaurant experience. Those messages are real texts from real 86 Repairs customers to our team.

A simple way to request service

The 86 Repairs Mobile App gives Dunkin' teams an easy way to submit repairs.

Just select the equipment, describe the problem, then submit the request. We handle the rest.

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Run your R&M with 86 Repairs.

Repairs and maintenance don't have to be a pain. Drive success in your Dunkin' franchise with a new way of managing R&M.

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