Invoice Assurance

Dealing with invoices is easier than ever. With Invoice Assurance, restaurants can uncover business process gaps, build better relationships with vendors, and have confidence that R&M work is complete and associated costs are fair.

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exception flagging

Exception Flagging

We run your invoices through 10 separate checks to highlight problems like incorrect billing rates, duplicate trip charges, and more.

Invoice Dashboard

Stop spending time searching through emails and folders and instead, get one centralized view of all R&M invoice data.

Invoice Collection

We’ll collect invoices within 30 days of completed service requests, eliminating the headache of chasing vendors or the surprise of past-due invoices.

Invoice Routing

Within 24 hours of receipt, we automatically route collected invoices to the correct billing contact, avoiding service disruptions when your invoices get lost or vendors aren’t paid on time.

Direct Vendor Payment

We’ll pay vendors after your invoices are matched to approved work and verified with Exception Flagging. This ensures timely payments to vendors, resulting in better service and stronger relationships.

"86 Repairs is fantastic and absolutely awesome to work with."

— Adam Brewer
Maintenance Manager, Unbridled Chicken dba Zaxby's

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