86 Repairs helps McDonald’s franchisees save time and money.

In fact, franchises like yours have saved over $600,750 this year from our troubleshooting, dispatch avoidance, and warranty support.

But Owner/Operators and Area Supervisors get more than control over M&R costs—they can make sure their team’s time is spent on the right tasks at the right time.

We take the pain out of M&R. Here’s how.

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“86 Repairs makes maintenance and repairs easier for me. Now, I don't worry about it because there's 800 other things to worry about.”

—McDonald’s Franchise Owner/Operator


Reduce your top repair costs.

These are the most expensive McDonald’s repairs per asset, per location so far this year:

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Do you know where your M&R spend is going? We'll track it on your behalf—and help you avoid as many of those associated expenses as possible.

Improve your P&L and maximize your team's time.


Think you’re spending too much on equipment repairs? We have the data to back you up—and make a recommendation for when to buy something new.


Make the most of your staff’s availability. Frontline teams can focus on customers, and finance folks get easy access to the invoice details they need.

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“[Frontline staff] feel like they're more in control. They can text and troubleshoot with 86 Repairs versus calling the store manager at nine o'clock on a Sunday night.”

—McDonald’s Franchise Owner/Operator

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Gain a partner in M&R.

Your frontline staff shouldn’t have to take time away from customers to manage emergencies. And your internal techs shouldn’t be distracted from major priorities—like preparing for a graded visit—with repairs that can’t be addressed in-house.

Instead, get an extension of your team. Support from Customer Service is available 24/7/365—all your staff has to do is text, call, or use the mobile app to submit a service request.

Our team has an extensive background working in restaurants, so your assets are in experienced hands.

Your M&R is golden with 86 Repairs.

Preparing for graded visits doesn’t have to be a pain. And emergency repairs don’t have to derail your team.

Drive success in your franchise with our M&R support. Schedule a discovery call to learn more.