How do the best restaurant operators manage R&M?

Get your copy of 86 Repairs’ first annual State of Repairs report to access never-before-seen data and understand the trends of repairs and maintenance processes in the restaurant industry.

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86 Repairs State of Repairs

What's Inside The State of Repairs?

The State of Repairs features key insights, never-before-seen data, feedback from restaurant operators, and so much more.

This report is a reflection of a sample of 250 customers across quick service, fast casual, casual dining, and fine dining locations throughout the United States.

Download the full report to keep your restaurants at the forefront of repairs and maintenance trends.

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Topics Covered Include:

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Data on 2019, Comments on 2020

The report is based off sample customer data across 250 locations from 2019, with comments on 2020 to highlight where we are today.

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The Cost of Repairs by Category

To make a plan for reducing your R&M line item, you first need to understand where your spend is going and how you compare to other restaurants like yours.

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The Frequency of Repairs

Understand the timing of repairs by day of week and week of year to make informed decisions on preventative maintenance vs. reactive repairs, and how to get ahead.

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The Real Pain of Repairs 

Why is managing R&M so painful?We've broken it down and created a sample incident calendar to show you why this process is so cumbersome.