Preventative Maintenance

Maintenance is a must-have to keep kitchens running. Our Preventative Maintenance programs are designed to help your restaurants stay on schedule while preventing downtime and reducing overall repair costs.

It's the perfect complement to an 86 Repairs subscription. Discover how it can support your maintenance needs.

preventative maintenance

"86 Repairs is a partner to help me make sure Preventative Maintenance gets done. They make the entire process easier, less time consuming, more efficient, and less expensive."

—Richmond Green
Partner and VP of Operations, gusto!


Manage maintenance with ease.

We'll take care of every Preventative Maintenance detail so you can take care of customers.


We collect and document all of your existing preventative maintenance contracts and manage schedules across every location.


Tired of phone tag? Tag us in. We’ll source any new quotes you may need, dispatch vendors according to schedule, and verify completed work.


Know exactly what to expect with a calendar view of upcoming service. All maintenance history will be logged by asset in your Portal.

“Before 86 Repairs, I usually went with the first quote that came across my desk because I didn't have time to source more than one.”

—Ashton Dunbar
Director of Development, Paxton Keiser dba Taco John’s

Preventative Maintenance is a must.

Keep critical infrastructure and assets up and running. Take proactive maintenance planning off your plate with this service for 86 Repairs subscribers.

Get in touch to learn what a customized plan could look like for your business.