Control R&M chaos and costs.

Repairs are stressful and time-consuming. But we take the pain out of the process.

Restaurant groups across the country lean on us to make R&M less of a burden. With an 86 Repairs subscription, operators save time, manage expenses, and focus on growth.

See how our solution simplifies R&M.

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“We have peace of mind with 86 Repairs. Their responsiveness is very consistent, and we know that once the wheels are in motion we don't have to worry."

—Jeff Palermo
Operating Partner, 4 Rivers Smokehouse

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The simplest way to request service.

When something breaks down, our team will be up. Just call, text, or use our app to start getting it fixed. 86 Repairs employees have extensive experience working in restaurants, so your assets are in good hands.

Before starting service, our platform automatically verifies if an asset’s under warranty and our people help troubleshoot the problem. This year, these steps alone have saved our customers over $5,453,584.

When a repair is required, we contact the right vendor or internal tech to get the job done. Our team serves as the single point of contact between restaurants and vendors to ensure every job is complete and correct.

“My team feels like they're more in control. They can text and troubleshoot with 86 Repairs versus calling the store manager at nine o'clock on a Sunday night.”

—Christina Curran
Owner, Curran McDonald’s


Maximize your team's time and improve your P&L.


Think you’re spending too much on equipment repairs? We have the data to back you up—and make a recommendation for when to buy something new.


Make the most of your staff’s availability. Frontline teams can focus on customers, and finance folks get easy access to the invoice details they need.

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“[Working with 86 Repairs] was the first time I outsourced something that was on my plate. As a leader in growth mode, it really opened my eyes to what support means."

—Brandon Stewart
President & CEO, Starboard Investments dba Jimmy John’s

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Manage R&M from the palm of your hand.

JP Dalton, Director of Operational Services at Savory Fund, calls the 86 Repairs app “the simplest way I’ve ever seen for restaurants to submit service requests.”

And it does so much more—like supporting live chat with our team, generating to-do lists, and storing the repair history of every asset. 

Discover how Savory Fund uses the app to manage R&M across nine states, nine brands, and 150+ locations.

"I’m very impressed with 86 Repairs’ knowledge and problem-solving capabilities. They have real restaurant experience and know what they’re doing."

—Michael Bathurst
Vice President, Barney Enterprises dba Wendy’s

Hungry for help?

Whether you’re in finance or facilities, the back office or back of house, 86 Repairs sets everyone on the team up for R&M success.

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