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Preventative Maintenance for Restaurant Infrastructure


Stay in compliance.

86 Repairs makes it easy to schedule and manage recurring preventative maintenance tasks so your restaurants are never caught in violation of inspection.

With the PM for Restaurant Infrastructure Bundle you can manage scheduled preventative maintenance for hood cleanings, fire suppression systems, backflow testing, and grease trap removal.

Cover your assets

Schedule preventative maintenance for key infrastructure to keep your restaurant doors open and avoid fines.

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Hood Cleanings

Failure to follow regulations could lead to a failed inspection and denied insurance claims.

back flow testing icon

Backflow Testing

Stay in accordance with the EPA and protect your water supply from contamination.

Fire Suppression icon

Fire Suppression

Follow the NFPA guidelines and inspect your fire suppression systems quarterly.

Grease Trap Maintenance icon

Grease Traps

Every 90 days (at least) your grease traps need attention to stay up to code.

Exclusive Pricing on PM for Infrastructure

Stay in compliance and reduce equipment downtime for just $49/month with a one-time $199 set-up fee.

86 Repairs manages preventative maintenance for you, including sourcing quotes, scheduling maintenance, and verifying completed work.

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